World Puzzle Championship 2019 was held in Kirchheim, Germany. The competition took place between 3rd and 5th October. The individual winner was Philipp Weiß (Germany). The team winner was the USA (Walker Anderson, Palmer Mebane, Thomas Snyder, Will Blatt).

Championship was directed by Ulrich Voigt. Puzzles were written by: Silke Berendes, Rainer Biegler, Jürgen Blume-Nienhaus, Christian Halberstadt, Sebastian Matschke, Erhard Notz, Gabi Penn-Karras, Christoph Seeliger, Roland Voigt and Ulrich Voigt.

General Rules Edit

Mostly from WPC IB.

Scoring and Bonuses Edit

  • Individual Rounds: A bonus of 10 points for each full remaining minute will be awarded to any competitor who correctly solves all puzzles in a round. A partial 60% bonus can be awarded if one puzzle is incorrectly solved, under the condition that the puzzle is solved completely or almost completely and the competitor may have believed their solution to be correct.
  • Team Rounds: A bonus of 50 points for each full remaining minute will be awarded to any team who correctly solves all the puzzles in a round. If there are any mistakes, then no bonus will be awarded.

Individual Playoffs (Puzzle World Cup) Edit

No individual playoffs were for the WPC this year. Instead, Puzzle World Cup, a new knockout tournament completely independent of WPC was introduced. Rules from the IB:

"It starts with three regular puzzle rounds. In the first round, anyone can compete. After the first round, the top 100 competitors advance to round 2. The second and third round are similar, with 40 and 16 competitors advancing respectively. For the ranking in each round, only the scores of the current round are considered and the results of earlier rounds are not counted.

The 16 competitors who advanced from round 3 will determine the winner via individual playoffs. The competitors will be drawn into four semifinals of four players, the winner of each semifinal advances to the final. There will be no carry-over, in each semifinal all four players start at the same time."

Team Playoffs Edit

"Teams will start the playoff with time offsets based on the preliminary results, according to the following formula:

Time offset = (Score difference / 10) seconds

However, if this formula would lead to a time offset of more than 7 minutes, the time offset for the team in 4th place will be set at 7 minutes and the time offsets for the other teams will be calculated proportionally according to their score differences."

Contest Details Edit

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