WPC 2019/World Cup Playoffs

Competition Structure Edit

From WPC 2019 IB.

The 16 competitors who advanced from round 3 will determine the winner via individual playoffs. The competitors will be drawn into four semifinals of four players, the winner of each semifinal advances to the final. There will be no carry-over, in each semifinal all four players start at the same time.

For these playoffs, a puzzle pool with 35 puzzles will be used. Before each semifinal five puzzles are drawn. These puzzles have to be solved in order; the first competitor to solve all puzzles correctly advances to the final. No puzzle will be used for more than one playoff round. A list of puzzle types will be provided during the WPC.

Puzzle Pool Edit

35 puzzles were divided into 5 groups, roughly in similar manner to Puzzle Ramayan rounds.

Result Summary Edit

Semifinal Heat 1 Edit

Contestants: Jan Novotný (Czech Republic), Michael Ley (Germany), Neil Zussman (UK), Kota Morinishi (Japan).

Puzzles used: Magnets by Gabi Penn-Karras, Kurotto by Erhard Notz, Geradeweg by Erhard Notz, Compass by Silke Berendes, Kropki by Gabi Penn-Karras.

Magnets Kurotto Geradeweg Compass Kropki
Jan Novotný 04:30 12:48
Michael Ley 05:20 24:02 29:03
Neil Zussman 11:03 17:45 24:19 28:55
Kota Morinishi 05:40 12:50 17:45 23:36 29:07

Semifinal Heat 2 Edit

Contestants: Ken Endo (Japan), Will Blatt (USA), Thomas Snyder (USA), James McGowan (UK).

Puzzles used: Pyramid by Jürgen Blume-Nienhaus, Domino Castle by Ulrich Voigt, Yajilin by Roland Voigt, Slant by Rainer Biegler, Coral by Rainer Biegler.

Pyramid Domino Castle Yajilin Slant Coral
Ken Endo 08:39 14:53 18:50 23:14 25:47
Will Blatt 06:15 13:54 21:50
Thomas Snyder 09:58 13:26 23:24
James McGowan 10:36 17:55

Semifinal Heat 3 Edit

Contestants: Michael Mosshammer (Austria), Tomoya Kimura (Japan), Philipp Weiß (Germany), Yuki Kawabe (Japan).

Puzzles used: Skyscrapers by Roland Voigt, Tetrominoes by Roland Voigt, Railroad Tracks by Roland Voigt, Shikaku by Erhard Notz, Aquarium by Rainer Biegler.

Skyscrapers Tetrominoes Railroad Tracks Shikaku Aquarium
Michael Mosshammer 04:51 17:16 20:26
Tomoya Kimura 04:22 14:28 18:47 22:47 26:25
Philipp Weiß 03:56 26:43
Yuki Kawabe 06:13 14:47 21:41

Semifinal Heat 4 Edit

Contestants: Taro Arimatsu (Japan), Hideaki Jo (Japan), Walker Anderson (USA), Yanzhe Qiu (China).

Puzzles used: Dominion by Jürgen Blume-Nienhaus, LITS by Silke Berendes, Hashi by Erhard Notz, Pentopia by Erhard Notz, Ripple Effect by Erhard Notz.

Dominion LITS Hashi Pentopia Ripple Effect
Taro Arimastu 07:51 13:41 20:05 26:41
Hideaki Jo 03:18 06:19 17:28 22:57 28:17
Walker Anderson 02:43 05:21 28:42
Yanzhe Qiu 03:32 08:42 20:53

Final Edit

Finalists: Kota Morinishi (Japan), Ken Endo (Japan), Tomoya Kimura (Japan), Hideaki Jo (Japan).

Puzzles used: Japanese Sums by Gabi Penn-Karras, Battleships by Ulrich Voigt, Heyawake by Roland Voigt, Spiral Galaxies by Silke Berendes, Laser by Jürgen Blume-Nienhaus.

Japanese Sums Battleships Heyawake Spiral Galaxies Laser
Kota Morinishi 05:08 08:56 12:25 17:09 25:57
Ken Endo 07:26 10:14 13:54 19:35 24:41
Tomoya Kimura 08:56 15:27 20:12 24:49
Hideaki Jo 04:10 07:49 11:31 16:54 22:26