WPC 2019/Team Playoffs

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Duration: 90 minutes.

Result Summary[edit]

WPC 2019 Team Playoff
Team Standard Combination Knapp Daneben Coded Before playoff Time offset After playoff
USA Palmer Mebane Will Blatt Walker Anderson Thomas Snyder 2nd 0:04 1st
Germany Michael Ley Philipp Weiß Robert Vollmert Hartmut Seeber 3rd 4:49 2nd
Japan Yuki Kawabe Kota Morinishi Ken Endo Hideaki Jo 1st 0:00 3rd
Slovakia Matúš Demiger Štefan Gašpár Matej Uher Peter Hudák 4th 7:00 4th


Playoff was in the Weakest Link format.

Individual Part[edit]

There are four sets of two puzzles: Standard, Combination, Knapp Daneben, Coded. Teams can decide freely which team members solve which sets. However, once the playoffs started, switching is not allowed.

Team Part[edit]

All puzzles in this part were written by Roland Voigt.

The part consists of groups of four puzzles each from four puzzle types: Pentopia, Pento Words, Slitherlink (Filled Loop), Fillomino. Within each group, the puzzles are linked. (Combination)

Each team has a collection of pentominoes. The given pentomino collection contains twice the full set, so there are 24 separate pentominoes in total. Pentominoes may be rotated and reflected (that is, turned over) at will. Within each group, the full collection must be used – no more, and no less. That is, each pentomino shape must be used exactly twice in a group. Each grid must use exactly six different pentominoes.

Each pair of the same pentominoes is tied together by a thin thread. This "link" has a maximal length. A solution is only valid if the positions of the pentominoes are such that, for each pair, the distance is no longer than the allowed maximal length.