WPC 2019/Round 3

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Duration: 45 minutes. Total point value: 450 points. Round winner: Michael MoƟhammer (Austria), 550 points.


All puzzles in this round were Permaculture hybrids. All puzzles in this round were written by Silke Berendes.

1. Arukone + Pentominoes (Polyominous with pentominoes), 30 points

Each letter appears exactly three times in the grid; two copies will be used in the Arukone and one in the Pentominoes puzzle.

Puzzle 1: Example
Puzzle 1: Solution
2. Nurikabe + Railroads (Railroad Tracks), 35 points

All crossings must be part of the Railroads puzzle.

Puzzle 2: Example
Puzzle 2: Solution
3. Hakyuu (Ripple Effect) + Star Battle, 40 points

Each outlined region belongs either completely to the Hakyuu or completely to the Star Battle puzzle.

Puzzle 3: Example
Puzzle 3: Solution
4. Aquarium + LITS, 50 points

Each outlined region belongs either completely to the Aquarium or completely to the LITS puzzle. The numbers outside the grid are part of the Aquarium and have no meaning for the LITS puzzle.

In every Aquarium region, at least one cell is shaded.

Puzzle 4: Example
Puzzle 4: Solution
5. Dominoes (Domino Hunt) + Slitherlink, 60 points
Puzzle 5: Example
Puzzle 5: Solution
6. Creek + Slant, 65 points

Each number located at the border between Creek and Slant must be valid for either Creek or Slant or both.

Puzzle 6: Example
Puzzle 6: Solution
7. Anglers + Battleships, 80 points

Each number outside the grid is part of either the Anglers or the Battleships puzzle. A number that represents an angler can still give the correct number of ship segments in the Battleships puzzle.

Puzzle 7: Example (Fleet: 1, 1, 2, 3)
Puzzle 7: Solution
8. Masyu + Yin & Yang (Yin Yang), 90 points
Puzzle 8: Example
Puzzle 8: Solution