WPC 2019/Round 14

From WPC unofficial wiki

Duration: 35 minutes. Total point value: 300 points. Round winner: Matúš Demiger (Slovakia), 510 points.


All puzzles in this round were written by Roland Voigt.

1-3. Jigsaw Kropki, 50+90+160 points

Assemble an N×N square from the given pieces to create a solvable Kropki puzzle, and solve it. Some pieces have white and black semicircles at their borders; the pieces must be matched so that these semicircles form full monochrome circles. No single semicircle can remain either within the puzzle or at its outer border, and a circle consisting of a white half and a black half is not permitted either. The pieces can be rotated but not reflected.

Due to the symmetry of the grid, there are 4 solutions. Up to rotation the solution is unique.

Example below is from WPC 2019 IB.