WPC 2018/Team Round 2

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Duration: 45 minutes. Total point value: 3000 points. Round winner: JPN-A (Ken Endo, Kota Morinishi, Takuya Sugimoto, Taro Arimatsu), 3600 points.

Puzzle - Hexa ABC with Coral Loop[edit]

The puzzle was written by Jiři Hrdina.

Combination of 6 different hexagonal Easy as ABC - Coral hybrid. Furthermore, 6 corals form a single loop. Full rules are:

In each hexagon, each row (horizontal or slanted in one of the two directions) contains letters A, B, and C exactly once. The letters around the grid indicate the first letter visible from the given direction.

Paint some of the cells not occupied by letters to create a single closed loop going through all 6 hexagonal puzzles. The path can branch off but may not create any additional loops. No three coral cells may share a common vertex.

Numbers around the grid indicate the lengths of the coral segments along the given row (ordered by size). Some cells may remain empty, not occupied by letter nor coral. Cells marked with '×' may not contain any letter or coral.

(Rules and example (A, B) from WPC 2018 IB)

A mistake in the example from the original IB is repaired (by very ineffective means).

Partial Scoring[edit]

In each of the 6 hexagons, correct Coral shading and correct Easy as letters both worth 250 points.


From WPC 2018 IB.

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