WPC 2018/Team Round 1

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Duration: 30 minutes. Total point value: 1800 points. Round winner: HUN-A (Zoltán Horváth, Pál Madarassy, Zoltán Gyimesi, Viktor Samu), 2240 points.


The puzzle was written by Jiři Hrdina.

A hybrid of Snaky Loop, Pentominoes and Japanese Sums. Full rules are:

Place a closed snake and a full set of pentominoes in the grid.

The hints at the bottom and at the right represent the number of snake cells in the given row or column.

The pentominoes do not touch each other not even diagonally and do not overlap with the snake. They can be rotated and/or reflected. One cell from each pentomino is already given and indicated by the corresponding letter in the cell.

Place numbers from 1 to 9 to all the other cells (not occupied by snake or pentominoes) so that they do not repeat in rows and columns. The hints on top and on the left are Japanese Sums hints. They represent sums of the groups of numbers that are separated by snake and/or pentominoes.

(Rules (modified) and example (only uses X and U pentominoes) from WPC 2018 IB)

WPC 2018 Team Round 1 Example.png WPC 2018 Team Round 1 Example Solution.png

Partial scoring[edit]

The grid is divided into 36 sectors outlined with thicker lines. These sectors are used for scoring purposes only. Each correctly filled sector worths 50 points.