WPC 2018/Round 8

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Duration: 45 minutes. Total point value: 580 points. Round winner: Nikola Živanović (Serbia), 650 points.


1. Pentominoes I by Jiří Hrdina, 110 points
2. Pentominoes II (Pentominous with borders) by Jan Zvěřina, 30 points
3. Pentominoes III (Pentominous) by Jan Zvěřina, 55 points
4. Pentominoes IV (Pentomino Division) by Jiří Hrdina, 65 points
5. Square Tiling (Square Division) by Jiří Hrdina, 20 points
6. Slash Pack by Jan Zvěřina, 20 points
7. Coded Dissection by Jiří Hrdina, 50 points
8. Dissection by Vertices by Jiří Hrdina, 50 points
9. Galaxies (Spiral Galaxies) by Jiří Hrdina, 30 points
10. Tetromino End View (Tetrominous variant) by Petr Vejchoda, 45 points
11. Burokku (Area Division) by Jiří Hrdina, 110 points