WPC 2018/Round 4

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Duration: 60 minutes. Total point value: 750 points. Round winner: Thomas Snyder (USA), 545 points.


All puzzles in this round were on irregular grids.

1. Halfdomino triangular (triangular Half Dominoes) by Jiří Hrdina, 60 points
2-3. Hexa Skyscrapers by František Luskač, 35+45 points
4. Antimagic Hexagon (hexagonal Antimagic Square) by František Luskač, 30 points
5. Antimagic Hexagon with Double Cells by František Luskač, 15 points
6. Hexa ABC (hexagonal Easy as) by František Luskač, 20 points
7. Hexa Worms by František Luskač, 45 points
8. Hexa Dominoes by František Luskač, 50 points
9-10. Slovak Sums (hexagonal) by Jan Novotný, 10+55 points
11. Seven Tetrominoes by Jan Novotný, 35 points
12. Boomerangs by Jan Novotný, 30 points
13. Six Winds (hexagonal Four Winds) by Jan Novotný, 15 points
14. Six Winds with Hooks by František Luskač, 25 points
15. Hexa Slitherlink by Jan Novotný, 30 points
16. Penta Slitherlink (Cairo pentagonal) by František Luskač, 70 points
17. Triangular Combo (Skyscrapers + Kropki + Japanese Sums + Pyramid) by Jiří Hrdina, 45+45+45+45 points

Rules of 17. Triangular combination puzzle[edit]

4 puzzles are arranged in a triangular shape. Adjacent cells belonging to different puzzles contain the same numbers. (This implies that no blank cells will be in a Japanese Sums row adjacent to a Skyscrapers grid)

(Example from WPC 2018 IB)