WPC 2018/Round 11

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Duration: 45 minutes. Total point value: 590 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan), 590 points.


1. Regional Snake (Snake BY) by Jiří Hrdina, 20 points
2. Regional Tetrominoes (Pentomino Areas with 7 tetrominoes) by Jiří Hrdina, 30 points
3. Regional Pentominoes (Pentomino Areas) by Jiří Hrdina, 105 points
4. Regional Masyu by Jiří Hrdina, 40 points
5. Regional Yajilin by Jan Zvěřina, 95 points
6. Regional Fillomino by Jiří Hrdina, 65 points
7. ABC (Easy as 1234) - Sky (Skyscrapers with Parks) with Regional Match by Jiří Hrdina, 45 points
8. Skyscrapers with Regional Match by Jiří Hrdina, 50 points
9. Tapa with Regional Match by Jiří Hrdina, 45 points
10. Regional Akari by Jan Zvěřina, 90 points
11. Regional Coral by Jiří Hrdina, 55 points

Regional Match rules (7.-9.): Essentially combination rules.

Two grids were presented. Grey cells contained the same symbols (numbers, shading). In Puzzle 7 (Easy as 1234 and Skyscrapers), no further information was given on non-grey cells.

An example to puzzle 7.

In Puzzles 8 (Skyscrapers) and 9 (Tapa), the content of non-grey cells must've been different between the two grids.

An example to puzzle 9.