WPC 2017/Round 9

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The namesake of this round is Puzzle Marathon contest series, the first one of which was held in 2012.[1]

Duration: 110 minutes. Total point value: 1100 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan), 1135 points.


Round note: This round contains 8 puzzles across 8 puzzle types. The puzzles of this round are larger in size than the puzzles in other individual rounds. Partial points are available for partly solved grids. The grids will be divided into four equal quadrants during correction and if three quadrants are correctly solved, 50% of the points will be awarded. If seven puzzles are correctly solved and one puzzle has a completed grid with mistakes in a single quadrant, a partial bonus of 8 points per minute will be awarded for the round. For odd dimensions each quadrant is defined overlapping the middle row/column.

  1. Suguru by Swaroop Guggilam, 65 points
  2. Statue Park by Rajesh Kumar, 65 points
  3. Snaky Search by Rohan Rao, 80 points
  4. Spiral Galaxies by Rakesh Rai, 110 points
  5. Gapped Kakuro by Amit Sowani, 170 points
  6. Palindrome (Symmetry Place) by Deb Mohanty, 170 points
  7. Slitherlink by Ashish Kumar, 190 points
  8. Nurikabe by Prasanna Seshadri, 250 points

(The puzzles were also written by 8 different authors who comprised the whole of WPC 2017 puzzle setters.)