WPC 2017/Round 8

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Duration: 40 minutes. Total point value: 1600 points. Round winner: GER-A (Ulrich Voigt, Philipp Weiß, Martin Merker, Robert Vollmert), 1600 points


This round was inspired a submission to the Puzzle Innovations Contest by Rauno Pärnits (Estonia). Concept of this round was devised by Amit Sowani and Prasanna Seshadri. All puzzles in this round were by Prasanna Seshadri.

Images are taken from WPC 2017 IB.


Round note: This is a team round containing 4 puzzles across 4 puzzle types. Conceptually the round is based on interweaving yarns to form carpets on which the puzzles must be solved. Carpets are grids where there is a checkerboard pattern of alternating visibility of horizontal and vertical strips, and it is part of solving to find out the positioning and exact visibility of the given set of strips. For this round, three A4 sheets will be provided for each puzzle. One of them contains the base grid, one of them contains row strips and one of them contains column strips. It will not be allowed to cut out the strips, the interweaving must be done visually. The circles in the base grid are to help visualize the checkerboard pattern of interweaving, and the grey lines on the strips are also to help visualize the alternating cells. Neither of these markings have any bearing on actual solving.

Partial points are available for this round. For each strip correctly identified and matching the global solution, teams will be awarded ten partial points in the case of a base grid that is not completely solved.

Seen right is an example with Neighbours puzzle.

Some Example strips are given containing all possible elements for each puzzle type. Note that within the elements presented there may be variations like changing numbers or different turns, as long as they fall within the individual puzzle rules. (Railroad Tracks is incorrectly labelled as "Railway Tracks" here.)

List of symbols that can appear in each yarns

Puzzles used were:

  1. Castle Wall, 300 points
  2. Neighbours, 380 points
  3. Shakashaka, 440 points
  4. Railroad Tracks, 480 points