WPC 2017/Round 7

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The namesake of this round is Deception by Ivan Koswara (Indonesia), held in May 2013.[1]

Duration: 35 minutes. Total point value: 1400 points. Round winner: JPN-A (Ken Endo, Kota Morinishi, Tomoya Kimura, Taro Arimatsu), 1840 points


All puzzles in this round and the concept of this round were by Prasanna Seshadri.

This is a team round containing 16 puzzles across 16 puzzle types. The puzzles are categorized into sets. Each set has four puzzles that are liars in four separate ways. It is a part of solving to determine the particular way each puzzle of a set is lying, and use the liars' constraints to solve that puzzle. The puzzles will be given in four A3 sheets, one per set. Along with the four puzzles, on each sheet, a helper grid will be provided to link R1-4 to A1-4/B1-4/C1-4/D1-4. Points for individual puzzles will be awarded only if the solution matches the global solution of the set.

Four types of lies are:

R1: One puzzle is lying altogether about its name, and is actually another puzzle from within the set (i.e. a classic version of one of the 3 other puzzles). There has to be one such puzzle that becomes another one.
R2: One puzzle has clues that are one above or one below the correct value they take in the solution – all clues behave in one of these two ways for this puzzle.
R3: One puzzle has exactly one row OR one column, containing digits, where all digits are false, i.e., cannot be the given value.
R4: One puzzle has one joker, and all instances of the joker can be replaced by any value, including zero, as long as the puzzle rules allow it. The Joker can assume different values across the grid any number of times, including its own value.

Puzzles used were:

A1. Kurotto, 100 points
A2. Mochikoro, 100 points
A3. Nurikabe, 100 points
A4. Tasquare, 100 points
B1. Akari, 100 points
B2. Bosnian Loop (Bosnian Road), 100 points
B3. Lighthouses, 100 points
B4. Walls, 100 points
C1. Chocona, 75 points
C2. Heyawacky, 75 points
C3. Islands, 75 points
C4. Nanro Signpost, 75 points
D1. Canal View, 75 points
D2. Cave, 75 points
D3. Kurodoko (Kuromasu), 75 points
D4. Pentasight, 75 points