WPC 2017/Round 4

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The namesake of this round is Twist by Deb Mohanty, held in April 2011.[1]

Duration: 60 minutes. Total point value: 600 points. Round winner: Yanzhe Qiu (China), 525 points.


Round note: This round contains 16 puzzles across 11 different types. All types in this round are interesting variations introduced by Indian authors to popular Classic puzzle types.

1. Akichiwake by Prasanna Seshadri, 30 points
2. Syuma by Prasanna Seshadri, 20 points
3-4. Nanro (Signpost) by Prasanna Seshadri, 15+55 points
5-6. ABC First or Last by Deb Mohanty, 15+25 points
7-8. Regional Hitori by Deb Mohanty, 20+25 points
9-10. Transparent Yajilin by Prasanna Seshadri, 25+70 points
11. Inside Skyscrapers by Deb Mohanty, 15 points
12. Strong Hitori by Rohan Rao, 55 points
13-14. Multi ESB by Deb Mohanty, 25+35 points
15. Coloured Star Battle by Deb Mohanty, 100 points
16. Windows [Windows] by Prasanna Seshadri, 70 points