WPC 2017/Round 20

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The namesake of this round is Puzzle Fusion by Tawan Sunathvanichkul (Thailand), held on November 2011.[1]

Duration: 30 minutes. Total point value: 350 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan) and Philipp Weiß (Germany), 235 points.


Round note: This round contains 8 puzzles across 4 puzzle types. All puzzle types in this round are hybrids formed by fusing regular puzzle types with their own rule sets.

1-2. Skyscraper2 by Rohan Rao and Prasanna Seshadri, 10+70 points
3-4. Spiral Galaxy2 by Rohan Rao, 25+30 points
5-6. Araf2 by Prasanna Seshadri, 45+40 points
7-8. Palindrome2 by Prasanna Seshadri and Deb Mohanty, 60+65 points