WPC 2017/Round 19

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The namesake of this round is Logidoku by Zuzana Hromcová and Matúš Demiger (Slovakia), held on June 2011. [1]

Duration: 40 minutes. Total point value: 500 points. Round winner: unofficially Hideaki Jo (Japan), 290 points. officially Yanzhe Qiu (China), 260 points.


Round notes: This round contains 9 puzzles across 9 Sudoku variations. All Sudoku variations in this round have a component of a popular puzzle added to them. It is not required to mark the additional elements (e.g. stars, code, shading, ships and lines) in this round.

  1. Star Battle Sudoku by Amit Sowani, 30 points
  2. Mastermind Sudoku by Deb Mohanty, 60 points
  3. Japanese Sums Sudoku by Prasanna Seshadri, 50 points
  4. Easy as Sudoku by Rohan Rao, 55 points
  5. Paint It Black Sudoku by Amit Sowani, 45 points
  6. Sudokuro by Prasanna Seshadri, 70 points
  7. Battleships Sudoku by Rohan Rao, 70 points
  8. Skyscrapers Sudoku by Prasanna Seshadri, 40 points
  9. Word Search Sudoku by Amit Sowani, 50 points