WPC 2017/Round 18

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PIC stands for Puzzle Innovations Contest, held on the LMI forum from February to March 2017. [1]

Duration: 80 minutes. Total point value: 1000 points. Round winner: unofficially Hideaki Jo (Japan), 690 points. officially Tomoya Kimura (Japan), 620 points.


Round note: This round contains 22 puzzles across 11 puzzle types. All puzzle types in this round are new innovations debuting at this WPC, both from foreign authors participating in Logic Masters India's Puzzle Innovations Contest and from the core author team.

1-2. Falling Letters by Deb Mohanty and Ashish Kumar, 45+95 points
3-4. Shards by Rohan Rao, 35+65 points
5-6. Rassi Silai by Prasanna Seshadri, 10+15 points
7-8. Ripple Loop by Ashish Kumar, 25+25 points
9-10. Candy Crush by Ashish Kumar and Prasanna Seshadri, 50+95 points
11-12. Partiti by Ashish Kumar, 95+55 points
13-14. Rectangular Numbers by Swaroop Guggilam, 35+20 points
15-16. Maximal Archipelago by Ashish Kumar, 45+70 points
17-18. Watch Towers by Ashish Kumar, 35+60 points
19-20. Largest Number by Swaroop Guggilam, 55+20 points
21-22. Grapevine by Prasanna Seshadri and Ashish Kumar, 30+20 points