WPC 2017/Round 1

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Duration: 40 minutes. Total point value: 450 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan) and Kota Morinishi (Japan), 425 points.


Round note: This round contains 11 puzzles across 11 different types, including popular classics and assorted variations.

  1. Sum Skyscrapers by Deb Mohanty, 90 points
  2. Coded Slitherlink by Ashish Kumar, 40 points
  3. Bangalore Mirror by Rohan Rao, 25 points
  4. LITS by Rajesh Kumar, 15 points
  5. Double Letter Easy as (Easy as) by Deb Mohanty, 40 points
  6. Kropkuro by Deb Mohanty, 85 points
  7. Thermometers by Rajesh Kumar, 15 points
  8. Area Division by Rajesh Kumar, 25 points
  9. Pentomino Selection (Pentominoes) by Rajesh Kumar, 50 points
  10. Coded Shikaku by Ashish Kumar, 15 points
  11. Yin Yang by Rohan Rao, 50 points