WPC 2016/Team Playoffs

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Result Summary[edit]

Team Domino/Trimino Divide Full Classics Kropki Irregular Classics Before playoff Time offset After playoff
Germany Martin Merker Philipp Weiß Ulrich Voigt Nils Miehe 2nd 1:45 1st
Japan Taro Arimatsu Ken Endo Kota Morinishi Hideaki Jo 1st 0:00 2nd
USA Walker Anderson Asher Walkover Palmer Mebane William Blatt 3rd 3:13 3rd
Hungary Pál Madarassy Tamás Antal Zoltán Horváth Zoltán Gyimesi 4th 5:00 4th

(Reconstructed through the photos posted on Facebook[1])


The time limit for the whole round is 40 minutes.

In the first part, 8 different puzzles will be solved individually. These puzzles are divided into 4 pairs and it is up to the team to decide which solver will solve which pair of puzzles. The list of the puzzles can be found in the corresponding section of the Instruction Booklet.

After a competitor submits his/her individual puzzles, he/she will get a part of the team puzzle and be allowed to join the corresponding team table, where a team puzzle will be solved. The individual puzzles must be submitted at once. The same rules are applied after the submission as in the Individual Play-offs. Team members will be not allowed to continue to their team table unless both puzzles have been solved correctly.

The team puzzle will consist of 5 grids interconnected in the shape of a cross. The middle grid will be prepared on the table, while 4 other puzzles will be distributed to the members of the team after they submit their individual puzzles (each solver will get one grid). The positions of the other puzzles will not be marked anywhere - it is up to the team to decide how to interconnect the grids properly. The layout and puzzle types can be found in the corresponding section of the Instruction Booklet.

After a team submits the team puzzle, the same rules will be applied as for the Individual Playoffs. This play-off will determine the podium places in the team competition for the 25th World Puzzle Championship, with the criteria being in the following order:

  • Number of correctly solved puzzles in the Team Play-off,
  • Sooner finish in the Team Play-off,
  • Sum of points in the Preliminary Rounds.


The playoffs were in the Weakest Link format.

Individual Part[edit]

4 pairs of puzzles were;

A1. Domino Divide by Matej Uher
A2. Triomino Divide by Matej Uher
B1. Full Nurikabe by Matej Uher
B2. Full Bosnian Snake by Matej Uher
C1. Outside Kropki by Peter Hudák
C2. Fillomino Kropki by Matej Uher
D1. Irregular Hitori by Matúš Demiger
D2. Irregular Skyscrapers by Matúš Demiger

Team Part[edit]

How the grids were combined in this part

All puzzles in this part were written by Matej Uher.

The other puzzles should be linked to the middle puzzle in the following way: When the puzzles have been arranged correctly, they should be in the shape of a cross. Additionally, every two grids which share a row or a column must have this row or column filled accordingly. It is a part of the solution to discover the correct layout of the puzzles. In the actual competition puzzle, the first row/column from the edge will be shared.

(This description in the IB is confusing because the layout of the combined puzzle was quite obvious. See the figure on the right for the correct layout of the puzzles; note that the actual puzzle used 9x9 grids.)

5 puzzles were:

  1. Hitori
  2. Doubleblock (Doppelblock)
  3. Domino (Domino Hunt)
  4. Fillomino
  5. Classic Sudoku