WPC 2016/Round 7

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Duration: 30 minutes. Total point value: 360 points. Round winner: Palmer Mebane (USA), 241 points.


All puzzles in this round were written by Michal Forišek.

1-2. Digital Scale (Seven-Segment Display Puzzles), 15+38 points
3-5. Matching Pairs (Find a Pair), 15+15+34 points
6-8. Maze View (3D Dungeon), 5+5+5 points
9. Moving Matches (Matches), 15 points
10-11. Two Clocks (Seven-Segment Display Puzzles), 20+44 points
12-13. Two Step Maze, 12+52 points
14. Wordsearch, 10+10+10 points
15. Cryptarithm (Alphametics), 55 points

Rules and partial scoring[edit]

Example for Find a Pair.

For puzzles 3-5, images given were the same, but solvers were required to find two images that:

(3) were identical. (One can be obtained from the other by rotation and translation only.)

(4) were mirror images. (One can be obtained from the other by flipping it once and then rotation and/or translation.)

(5) were complements of each other. In other words, they can be placed one on top of another (using only rotation and translation, no flipping) in such a way that together they form a complete picture – their vertices will coincide and each pair of vertices will be connected by a line in exactly one of the two objects.

Alternatively, see the example on the right.

For puzzle 14, the goal was to find 3 words. Each found words were worth 10 points.