WPC 2016/Round 6

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Duration: 25 minutes. Total point value: 300 points. Round winner: Zoltán Horváth (Hungary), 215 points.


All puzzles in this round were combination puzzles. From the IB: "In this round, you will always get a grid with clues that give information about multiple puzzles at once. No partial points are available in this round – in order to be awarded the points for the puzzle, all the grids must be filled correctly."

1. Skyscrapers 2 in 1 by Matej Uher, 28 points

The clues in the grid filled with numbers indicate the sum of numbers in both grids at the corresponding positions.

Puzzle 1: Example (N=5)
Puzzle 1: Solution
2. Loop (Dutch Loop) 2 in 1 by Matej Uher, 64 points

Some cells can remain empty. Such cells are shown in the filled grid as a shaded cell. They are fully shaded in the grid with clues. Each loop segment in the filled grid must be drawn in at least one of the empty grids.

Puzzle 2: Example
Puzzle 2: Solution
3. Tapa 4 in 1 by Matej Uher, 123 points

One grid contains clues to four different Tapa puzzles. Split the clues into four sets of clues. Each clue must belong to exactly one grid. Clues of different grids do not overlap.

Puzzle 3: Example
Puzzle 3: Solution 1
Puzzle 3: Solution 2
Puzzle 3: Solution 3
Puzzle 3: Solution 4
4. Pentominoes 2 in 1 by Matúš Demiger, 85 points

Place the full set of pentominoes into each of the grids. (The set isn't specified in the example puzzle.) The filled grid shows solutions of both grids drawn over each other. Each cell that is shaded in the filled grid must be shaded in at least one of the grids. Each cell that is not shaded in the filled grid cannot be shaded in either of the bottom grids.

Puzzle 4: Example
Puzzle 4: Solution