WPC 2016/Round 3

From WPC unofficial wiki

Duration: 60 minutes. Total point value: 750 points. Round winner: Nikola Živanović (Serbia), 770 points.


All puzzles in this round were written by Matúš Demiger. All puzzles in this round made use of Kropki circles in some form (which is not restricted to number placement).

1-4. Kropki, 22+57+57+15 points
5-6. Hexa Kropki, 18+58 points
7-8. Outside Kropki, 40+63 points
9-10. Scrabble Kropki, 41+45 points
11-12. Loop Kropki (Kropki Loop), 38+22 points
13-14. Fillomino Kropki, 66+86 points
15-16. Kakuro Kropki (Kropkuro), 33+89 points