WPC 2016/Round 17

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Duration: 30 minutes. Total point value: 1500 points. Round winner: JPN-A (Ken Endo, Hideaki Jo, Kota Morinishi, Taro Arimatsu), 1660 points


There are 12 pentomino puzzles in this round. However, unlike usual pentomino puzzles, the rules that states to use all 12 pentominoes are all altered to ones that states to use copies of identical pentominoes. Furthermore, pentominoes used are all different across 12 puzzles. Determine the correspondence between the puzzles and pentominoes, and solve the puzzles. All puzzles worths 125 points.

Puzzles used are:

  1. Pentomino Areas by Matúš Demiger
  2. Pentominoes Classic by Matúš Demiger
  3. Consecutive Pentominoes by Matúš Demiger
  4. Pentomino Fences (Filled Loop) by Matej Uher
  5. Pentominoes in White by Matúš Demiger
  6. Pentomino Japanese Sums by Matúš Demiger
  7. Pentomino Minesweeper (Shape Minesweeper) by Matej Uher
  8. Pentomino Rooms by Matej Uher
  9. Pentomino Scrabble by Matúš Demiger
  10. Pentomino Snakes (Hebi-Ichigo) by Matej Uher
  11. Pentomino Tapa by Matej Uher
  12. Pentomino Touch (Touching Pentominoes) by Matej Uher

In puzzles 3 (Consecutive) and 10 (Snakes), the number of pentominoes to place was also given.