WPC 2016/Round 15

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Duration: 50 minutes. Total point value: 2000 points. Round winner: JPN-A (Ken Endo, Hideaki Jo, Kota Morinishi, Taro Arimatsu), 2280 points.


All puzzles in this round were written by Matej Uher.

This puzzle features elements of Matchmaker and Builder.

16 puzzle pieces each with the size of 10x10 cells are given. Each of the pieces will be divided into four quarters (of the size of 5x5 cells), which belong to four different puzzles. The grid is toroidal (see the example below). The arranged grid will contain 16 puzzles of 8 different puzzle types. Each puzzle type appears exactly twice. The puzzle types may be divided into four groups depending on their appearance – circles, regions, numbers and letters. Arrange the pieces into a 4x4 grid, find out which rules belong to which puzzle and solve all the puzzles according to the rules.

Puzzle types used are:

  1. Masyu (Circles)
  2. Yin Yang (Circles)
  3. LITS+ (Regions)
  4. Small Star Battle (Regions)
  5. Fences (Slitherlink) (Numbers)
  6. Fillomino 123 (Trinudo) (Numbers)
  7. Coded Nurikabe (Letters)
  8. Dominion (Letters)

Partial Scoring[edit]

Each correctly matched grid worths 25 points. Each full solution to the grid worths 100 points.


From IB. Only uses Numbers and Letters sets.