WPC 2016/Round 14

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Duration: 30 minutes. Total point value: 1400 points. Round winner: JPN-A (Ken Endo, Hideaki Jo, Kota Morinishi, Taro Arimatsu), 1365 points.


All puzzles in this round were written by Matúš Demiger.

This round featured a giant permaculture hybrid: From IB,

This round contains 13 types of puzzles next to each other forming one big grid. Borders between individual puzzles are not marked. Puzzles may have any shape (not only rectangular) but cells belonging to one type of puzzle must be orthogonally connected. Each puzzle type appears exactly once in the grid. Your task is to find the borders of each of the puzzles and solve them according to the rules afterwards. No empty cells may appear on the grid edge of any puzzle in this round.

Puzzle type used are:

  1. Anglers (with clues inside)
  2. Domino (Domino Hunt)
  3. Every Second Turn
  4. Four Winds
  5. Nurikabe
  6. Rectangles (Shikaku)
  7. Skyscrapers
  8. Tapa
  9. Star Pentomino
  10. Sum Numberlink (Number Net with no 2x2 constraint)
  11. Spiral Galaxies
  12. Two Step Maze
  13. Yajilin

Partial Scoring[edit]

For marking purposes, the grid is divided into sectors consisting of areas of 5x5 cells. 35 points will be awarded for each correctly filled sector. The competition puzzle will contain 40 areas of 5x5 cells. These areas will not be outlined in the competition puzzle, the organizers will outline the borders during the marking process.


From IB. This example is a hybrid with Star Pentomino, Spiral Galaxies, Every Second Turn and Shikaku.