WPC 2016/Round 10

From WPC unofficial wiki

Duration: 35 minutes. Total point value: 350 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan) and Palmer Mebane (USA), 390 points.


All puzzles in this round features Myopia arrows; arrows denote all directions that have some kind of object (line, letter, etc) in the closest position.

  1. Myopia by Matej Uher, 45 points
  2. Pentopia by Matej Uher, 33 points
  3. Myopia Easy as ABCD by Matej Uher, 65 points
  4. Myopia Scrabble by Matej Uher, 59 points
  5. Myopia Battleships by Matúš Demiger, 26 points
  6. Myopia Masyu by Matej Uher, 78 points
  7. Myopia Star Battle by Matúš Demiger, 44 points