WPC 2015/Round 7

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Duration: 40 minutes. Total point value: 2000 points. Round winner: USA-A (Palmer Mebane , Will Blatt, Wei-Hwa Huang, Roger Barkan), 1500 points.

General Rules[edit]

In this team round, each competitor is given a pen of a single color. Teams can decide who will be responsible for which color. During the round, members cannot change their pens.

There are 4 puzzles in this round, each one requires using 3 colors. Each member will participate in solving of only 3 of the puzzles, according to the color he or she will choose.

Any marks must be done only with the pens provided and in right color. Marks with a wrong color will be ignored.


All puzzles in this round were written by Tawan Sunathvanichkul.

  1. Color Tapa, 500 points
  2. Fruit Basket (Area Division), 500 points
  3. Color Akari, 500 points
  4. Pentomino Areas, 500 points