WPC 2015/Round 1

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Duration: 50 minutes. Total point value: 400 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan), 560 points.


All puzzles in this round were written by Andrey Bogdanov.

As a surprise for competitors, all puzzles in this round were geometrically cylindrical, printed both-sides, then glued to be Möbius strip-shaped (interestingly, on this Wiki's definition, the puzzles themselves were not Möbius strip-shaped, in terms of the grid geometry.) All these details were not disclosed until the round started; on the instruction booklet, it looked like just another "classics" round.

The hardest part was actually drawing a proper straight line on the strip.

  1. Simple Loop, 30 points
  2. Minesweeper, 55 points
  3. Tents, 50 points
  4. Tapa, 70 points
  5. Fillomino, 110 points
  6. Different Neighbours, 85 points