Shape Division

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Divide the shape into the indicated number of congruent parts along the grid lines. (Congruent parts have the same shape and size but may be rotated and/or reflected.)

(Rules and example from PGP IB)

Rule variations[edit]

  • Diagonal lines are allowed.
  • Mirrored images are not allowed.
  • Each shape contains a given set of symbols.
  • Shape to dissect into is already given.
  • Diagonal Dissection from WPC 2013: the shape consists of cells connected by edge or diagonally.

History of the puzzle[edit]

One of the most well-known mathematical puzzles. "Crowns and Lions" is a 4-piece Shape Division puzzle with two symbols (rule variation #3) by Henry Ernest Dudeney (USA), first published in The Canterbury Puzzles in 1907.

Appearances in the past WPCs[edit]