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Permaculture is a name given to a type of hybrid puzzle. The word is coined by Bernhard Seckinger (Germany). The first Permaculture puzzle, posted to LMD portal in 2009, was between Fillomino and Slitherlink. Since then it has been a recurring hybrid genre in German national competitions. For example, this is Round 3 from Logic Masters 2013.

General rules are as follows, an excerpt from WPC 2019 IB.

"Each grid consists of two separate parts containing different puzzle types. The general task for each puzzle is: Divide the grid into two parts so that each part contains one of the given puzzle types. Within each part, all cells must be connected, and each cell must belong to exactly one part. It is possible that one part completely surrounds the other. Aside from this division, the parts are completely independent and do not interact with each other."

Appearances in the past WPCs[edit]