Pentomino Division

Rules Edit


Divide the grid into N different pentominoes. (Usually N = 12)

(Example from WPC 2018 IB, N = 4)

Rule variations Edit

  • Pentomino Puddles: This name is often given when there are multiple grids to dissect.
  • Sometimes reflections are not allowed.
  • Dissected pentominoes contain a given set of symbols[1].
  • Given letters are contained in pentominoes designated by that letter.

History of the puzzle Edit

Fitting 12 pentominoes and a 2x2 square into an 8x8 square was the first recorded pentomino puzzle, published by Henry Ernest Dudeney (USA) in 1907. The name pentomino was given by Solomon Golomb in 1953.[2]

This puzzle is the special version of a more general classification, dissection puzzles.

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