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Welcome to WPC-unofficial wiki

This is a sub-project of the WPC database by EctoPlasma (Ryotaro Chiba). Database for past results can be seen here.

This website will be a collection of puzzle rules that has been appeared at the past World Puzzle Championships. See this page for a list of past championships that have been covered. The data are collected from various websites like Otto and Angela Janko's, various magazines like Nikoli and Toketa and personal communication with puzzle authors. I appreciate puzzlers who kindly replied to my queries, and also Tomoya Kimura and Swaroop Guggilam for creating penpa-edit and a modification thereof, great tools used in this Wiki to create visuals of puzzle examples.

Unfortunately, many of the past Championships' records have been lost. Specifically:

  • Puzzle Rules: 1992-1997, 1999 (team rounds)
  • Results: Round-by-round results for 1992-1998

If you have any bits of information about these, please contact me.

List of puzzle rules in this wiki. Each rule article will cover rules and example, history of the puzzle (who invented it and where it first appeared), its variants and appearances in the WPCs.

However, there are a lot of puzzles whose history I couldn't track down. Here are the list of them. If you know of the origin, please let me know. Also, please do correct me if you think I made a mistake in some articles, you can create an account and edit too. Regrettably, I'm making a lot of bold assumptions in a lot of articles.

See also this spreadsheet for the summary of what I have in this Wiki.