Find a Pair

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2013R11P3 Example.png

Find the identical pair among the given images.

(Example (find one pair among the triplets) from WPC 2013 IB)

Rule variations[edit]

  • In some puzzle, rotated/reflected images are considered identical.
  • Puzzle asking a triplet among pairs / a pair among triplets is possible.
  • In Find a Pair puzzles from WPC 2016/Round 7, the images were subgraphs of a complete graph with 7 vertices. In one of the puzzles, solvers were asked to find which two graphs were complements, or dual graph, of each other.

History of the puzzle[edit]

One of the most common observational puzzles that, in terms of frequentness, joins the ranks of Spot the Differences puzzle.

Appearances in the past WPCs[edit]