Build a Maze

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Place some walls in the grid, creating a path going from one grey cell to another and visiting every cell exactly once. The path must go through every edge that does not have a wall. Walls are horizontal or vertical lines going along grid lines with their ends at grid nodes.

Digits outside the grid show the lengths of all wall segments in corresponding direction. There should be an empty space between two segments.

(Rules (modified) and example from the 10th 24hPC IB[1], the path is noted only for illustrative purposes)

History of the puzzle[edit]

Invented by Riad Khanmagomedov (Russia). First appeared on the 10th 24-Hour Puzzle Championship (2009).

Also known as "Missing Labyrinth" or "Labyrinth", latter being a name given by Puzzler Media in the UK.

Appearances in the past WPCs[edit]