Alphabet Blocks

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Alphabet Blocks Example and Solution.png

There are multiple cubes, each of which has six faces. Each face is labeled with a letter. No letter appears more than once. For each of the words in the list, it is possible to spell the word using all the cubes, one cube for each letter in the word. Determine which letters are on which cube. Ignore rotations of the letters (for example, you may not use the same face for “M” and “W”).

(Rules and example from PGP IB)

Rule variations[edit]

  • In a puzzle from WPC 2017/Round 23, an added rule required that the letters on each cube also must form some of the words from the given list, from top to bottom.

History of the puzzle[edit]

Origin unknown. "Nobel Balls" from WPC 2001/Part 8 had very close rules to this. Author of the puzzle was Zdeněk Chromý (Czech Rep.). First instance found so far is 2016 Puzzle GP Round 7, written by Bram de Laat (Netherlands).

Appearances in the past WPCs[edit]