WPC 2018/Round 5

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Duration: 90 minutes. Total point value: 1025 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan), 855 points.


1. ABC Untouchable (No Touch) by Jiří Hrdina, 35 points
2-3. ABC No First (Easy as - No First) by Jiří Hrdina, 5+20 points
4-5. Coral with Vertex Hints by Jiří Hrdina, 5+20 points
6. First Seen Snake by Jiří Hrdina, 20 points
7. Inner Coral by Jiří Hrdina, 65 points
8. Multiplication Kakuro by Jan Zvěřina, 100 points
9. Snail Odd/Even by Jiří Hrdina, 55 points
10. Numbered Snake (essentially Striped Snake) by Jiří Hrdina, 90 points
11. Semitransparent Snake by Petr Lichý, 20 points
12. Shikaku with Obstacles (Shikaku) by Jiří Hrdina, 5 points
13. Nurikabe Pento by Jan Zvěřina, 65 points
14. Nonconsecutive Hitori by Petr Lichý, 35 points
15-16. Fillomino With Given Set of Numbers by Jiří Hrdina, 45+25 points
17. Japanese Sums with Given Set of Numbers (Japanese Sums) by Jiří Hrdina, 50 points
18-19. Reduced Domino with Sums by František Luskač, 20+70 points
20-21. Condensed Domino by František Luskač, 45+45 points
22. Oriented Domino (Domino Hunt) by František Luskač, 35 points
23-24. Irregular Math Sudoku by František Luskač, 20+20 points
25. Numbers Not Touching (very minor variant of Different Neighbours) by Jiří Hrdina, 50 points
26. Japanese Arrows - Complete by Jiří Hrdina, 60 points