WPC 2016/Round 13

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Duration: 40 minutes. Total point value: 500 points. Round winner: Ken Endo (Japan), 353 points.


2016R13P10 Example.png 2016R13P10 Example Solution.png

All puzzles in this round were written by Matúš Demiger.

All puzzles in this round featured square-based irregular grids with unusually shaped cells. See the example (Irregular Kakuro) on the right. For Fillomino (8-9), every cell was treated equally when counting the size of a region, ignoring the actual sizes of the cells.

1-3. Irregular Skyscrapers, 21+33+45 points
4-5. Irregular Easy as ABCD/ABCDE, 49+53 points
6-7. Irregular Hitori, 38+44 points
8-9. Irregular Fillomino, 52+45 points
10-11. Irregular Kakuro, 38+82 points