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Schlangennest Example.png Schlangennest Example Solution.png

Place the given words into the grid, according to the following rules: Each word starts in a grey cell. The next letter must be placed in the horizontally or vertically adjacent cell indicated by the direction of the arrow. Any further letter must be placed horizontally or vertically adjacent to the preceding letter. Words may overlap each other, but no word may use one field more than once. Multiple words can start in the same grey cell if and only if there are multiple arrows emanating from that cell. A letter in a grey cell must be the starting letter for at least one word. Cells may remain empty. Each letter must be used by at least one word.

(Example from Logic Masters 2012 IB)


Tangled Words 1 and 2 from WPC 2019/Round 1 can be seen as variant of this puzzle. Rules are the following:

  • A word can use a cell more than once. All vowels are marked with circles. (Tangled Words 1)
  • A word can use a cell more than once. Successive letters can also be placed in diagonally adjacent cells. No arrows. (Tangled Words 2)

Tangled Words 2 without starting grey cells has appeared on Logic Masters 2007 as Schlangenwörter.

History of the puzzle[edit]

First appeared in 2012 edition of Logic Masters. Appeared on round 7, which consisted of 3 Schlangennest puzzles. The round was written by Roland Voigt (Germany). The name of the puzzle means "nest of snakes" in German.

Appearances on the past WPCs[edit]

  • WPC 2019/Round 1 (Tangled Words 1 by Christoph Seeliger, Tangled Words 2 by Rainer Biegler)