An example puzzle from WPC 2017 IB.

Assemble the jigsaw puzzle pieces to complete the image.

Rule variationsEdit

  • Some pieces may be extras and not used. The extreme of this type came in WPC 2005/Part 12, where there were three almost full set of jigsaws were available, but one piece each from two of them were missing, therefore making two thirds of the pieces extras.
  • White jigsaw: there are no images. Solvers must complete the jigsaw using only the shapes of the pieces.

History of the puzzleEdit

John Spilsbury (England), a geography teacher, is believed to have the first man ever to produce this type of puzzle in 1760. The term "jigsaw" came later around 1800. [1]

Not-so-fun fact: if one googles the words "World Puzzle Championship", Google sometimes assumes that the query is about World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship. If you mention "puzzle" in front of non-puzzling people, the chance is high that they assume the same.

Appearances in the past WPCsEdit